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Get to Know Me Tag!

Get to Know Me Tag!

Hello book lovers!

Today I am doing my first tag, the Get to Know Me tag!

Thank you Tiana- The Book Raven for tagging me! She tagged me a while ago and it has taken me much too long to write this but it is finally here! Considering I have had this blog for almost a month now its about time to throw some facts out there about me!

Vital Stats:

Name: Ashley

Nicknames: Mostly Ash but my roommates call me Mom so thats a fun one (I am basically their Mom so this nickname makes sense).

Birthday: Its in June ( I don’t really want to share the date, I am not very trusting and the internet is scary. Don’t find me)

Star Sign: Gemini

Occupation: I’m a college student, which is plenty of a job for right now.



Hair color: It’s light brown

Hair length: currently its kind of long but I usually grow it out throughout the year and then chop it just a bit above my shoulders every summer so shorter hair is coming soon (YAY SUMMER)

Eye Color: Depends on the day but mostly a greenish color with some brown in it

Best Feature: Definitely my hair on a good day: its very thick

Braces: ahh yes the ruiner of pictures during middle school, however my teeth are straight now so they were worth it

Piercings: Your classic one on each side and then I also have a cartilage piercing!

Tattoos: I don’t have any and I don’t know if I will ever get any! I think I might if I found/thought of one that really meant something to me. I just have a fear of getting one and hating it a year later because I change my mind A LOT.

Right or Left: Righty



Real Holiday: Going off of Tiana, assuming this is a vacation, the first ones I remember would be to Colorado when I was probably three or four! Its one of my favorite places (I love to ski!) and its so pretty! I always am telling people to go there!

Best Friend: I don’t know that I have ever had one, I’m more of the type of person who has a small group of really close friends and I haven’t ever singled someone out and said ‘You are my best friend and no one else is!’.

Award: hmmm.. this one is tough probably some sports participation award from when I was younger, I honestly do not know I have a bunch of little trophies from sports and school but I don’t remember which came first!

Sport: I have done a lot of sports but I believe it is either Ballet or Soccer!

Concert: Maroon 5: my favorite band ever and I was so excited to be at their concert! I think I was a sophomore in high school when I went. I fell in love with concerts and now I try to go whenever someone I like is in town!



TV Show(s): Sherlock, HIMYM, Friends, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, currently loving The Magicians.. the list goes on forever

Color: Lavender (which is also one of my favorite scents)

Songs: Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer (okay so I recently listened to John Mayer’s new album and I am now in love with his music, so at the moment anything by John Mayer), Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, Your Mess is Mine by Vance Joy, Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty, Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison…. I could list songs forever!

Restaurant: I can’t say my actual favorite without giving away where I live, but I guess my favorite chain would be The Cheesecake Factory

Shop: Bookstores, bookstores and more bookstores. But also Urban Outfitters

Books: MY LEAST FAVORITE QUESTION EVER, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME PICK JUST ONE. Best recent read would be ACOMAF, I adore the Harry Potter series, I love Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut (most unpopular opinion ever), The Book Thief is a really good book, The Queen of the Tearling series is one of my favorite fantasy series, can I list more? I feel horrible, I am leaving some amazing books out.

Shoes: Almost every time I look at a shoe that I like it is by Steve Madden, so he’s my fave shoe designer I guess! My white converse are definitely my most worn shoe. If it was socially acceptable to walk around barefoot I would probably do it. I love walking around in grass without shoes on.



Feeling: I woke up about an hour ago and haven’t eaten yet so I’m a little hungry but also energized (ready to start the day!)

Single or Taken: Single and forever alone if I’m being honest. I don’t attract boys I repel them somehow.

Eating: nothing, but I do need to change that

Thinking About: How much I want to buy John Mayer concert tickets hahahahaha, but also how I really want to be reading because my current read is really interesting so far (it’s Replica by Lauren Oliver by the way). Not thinking anything too deep at the moment, its too early for that!

Watching: I am not currently watching anything but I am currently listening to music and can you guess what it is? If you guessed John Mayer you would be correct (who thought I could shove my music love so many times into a book blog post)! (the exact song is Who Says)

Wearing: a t-shirt and running leggings



Want Children: 100% yes, I love kids they are hilarious. I have been babysitting since I was like 12. They are just so cute. But definitely not right now, I got to get through college.

Want to be Married: Yea I definitely do but I need to find guys that I don’t repel (LOL i really need to stop).

Careers in Mind: I want to be a veterinarian! I’m a HUGE science nerd and I love animals and want to help them so basically a match made in heaven.

Where You Want to Live: I don’t have an exact place in mind but I love the seasons, so someplace where you get to experience them all every year. Potentially somewhere outside of Denver in Colorado or somewhere on the Northern part of the East Coast, I don’t know yet!


Do you Believe In:

God: Yes, I like to believe in something bigger than us being out there and weighing good over evil.

Miracles: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on my mood, but I’d like to.

Love at first sight: not really, I think part of love is truly knowing and understanding a person, so love at first sight doesn’t add up to my definition of love. Definitely attraction and lust at first sight though.

Ghosts: Not really, but I have never had any kind of paranormal experience to tell me otherwise. I have a hard time believing in things I can’t see (thats the science in me talking).

Aliens: Not as portrayed in movies where they are weird and evil and things, but yes all data points to that being a possibility. The universe is a vast place and there are so many life habitable planets even within our solar system that somewhere that has to be some other life form (even if it is life in a simpler form).

Soul Mates: I like to think so, however I’m not sure if it is just one person that fits you perfectly or if there are few that all can (this world is so big and if there were only one that would kind of be sad, how are you supposed to find them?)

Heaven: Yes, I like to believe that there is a better place for good people (and animals) to go after their time here.

Hell: Yes unfortunately.

Kissing on a first date: If you like the person and feel a connection, why not?

Yourself: I am my own worst critic and enemy so sometimes yes and sometimes no! I have been trying to be less hard on myself but its a work in progress.


Tag Your It!

Jackie – toomuchofabooknerd

She’s newer to the book blogging community as well and has some great posts!



If you read this whole thing, thanks! Let me know some fun facts about you in the comments!

Happy reading!


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