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10 Things Bookworms Say but Don’t Do

10 Things Bookworms Say but Don’t Do

Hey booklovers!

Today’s post is my first “book bumble”!!! It is a list of sorts that are the 10 things that we, as bookworms, say but don’t do! Hopefully these things relate to you too and aren’t just my own personal problems with books!

  1. What we say: “I am only going to read for 30 minutes today.”

What we do: *3 hours later* still reading… and we tell ourselves that we will only read one more chapter but we know deep down that we are just gonna keep on reading.

2. On the opposite end,

What we say: “I will have plenty of time to read today! I am going tor read for at least an hour.”

What we do: reads less than a chapter.. because life. These are the saddest days 🙁

3. What we say: “ I’m going to try and not spend a bunch of money on books this month.”

What we do: *spends $100 on books in one week*

Honestly, I have done this so many times, books are the demise of my bank account, but I keep doing it anyway because I love books. To be honest, I am never sad/remorseful of spending my money on books!

4. What we say: “I’m going to try and take my time reading this book.”

What we do: Finishes the book in less than a day because it was a page-turner and it was so good we just couldn’t put it down. I just recently did this with A Court of Thorns and Roses!

5. What we say: “I’m going to read some of the books on my TBR list so that it isn’t quite so long.”

What we do: *Goes to the bookstore and finds a new book that isn’t on our TBR and reads that instead*

6. What we say: “I won’t add any more books to my TBR until I read some of the ones already on there.”

What we do: Spends about 10 minutes on Goodreads and adds at least 15 books to our TBR. The recommendations on Goodreads are so good! They literally always have the best suggestions!

7. What we say: “I’m going to wait to read this book until the next book in the series comes out.”

What we do: Can’t stand that 193730270 year wait and must find out what that cliffhanger means and reads the book within a week. I told myself this after I finished A Court of Thorns and Roses three days ago, and I have ALREADY halfway done with A Court of Mist and Fury. I have no control.

8. What we say: “I’m going to try to get more books from the library this year.”

What we do: Decides the cover is too pretty and must buy it to add to our book collection OR gets the book from the library and LOVES it and decides that we must own it.

9. What we say: “I won’t reread (insert fav book here) for the millionth time.”

What we do: reads (insert fav book here) twice more in the next month because it is just SO GOOD!

10. What we say: (insert book title here) is my favorite book.

What we do: *has an internal struggle* because all the favorites are warring it out in your head over who is the best. This is honestly me all the time! Someone will ask me “do you have a favorite series?” or “who is your favorite author?” and I just blurt out the first thing that comes to my head and it is always different because I LOVE ALL THE BOOKS!

What are some of the things that you relate to? Let me know in the comments what things you would add to the list!

Happy Reading!


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